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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Vandalism on R6 at Chellaston

Peter Ford reported damage to the pedestrian bridge at Chellaston on Saturday afternoon.
Sections of the walkway had been removed, making the bridge extremely dangerous.
In the absence of Council staff, we decided to close the bridge. Signs were put up on the bridge and at Swarkestone Lock. The bridge was tied off with stripey tape.
Later two City Council rangers appeared and they put steel chains across to block the bridge.
We expect that the bridge will be repaired and re-opened early next week. Until then Route 6 is closed from Sinfin Moor Lane to Swarkestone Lock.
Please let me know if you see that the repairs have been done and also please remove the path closure signs from Swarkestone. See top picture. You will need a claw hammer or crowbar to do this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nothing is safe these days. The kids are still off from school and are getting bored. Nothing to do! I retreived an arm from an Orbital Route 66 sign earlier this week. Not particularly urgent, but should not be neccessary. Good job that we have Rangers prepared to put themselves out for the well being of the cycle/walkways and the general public. We use the Chellaston route regularly on our 'Trekker' walks.