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Friday, 13 February 2009

Activity at Breadsall Thurs 12 Feb 2009

These pictures were taken on NCR672 yesterday. The first is a view from the A608 bridge, where two guys are cutting trees and branches with chainsaws. The other images show work going on near the access road a short way down Brookside Rd. In order, surveyors at work on the section going west from the access road, and two of earth movement looking east.


Trexrider said...

Amazing, I remember the trail blazing ride and at that time thinking that nothing would happen because the old railway bridges were missing. I thought the costs would be too great. Then when we found the stream....

I hope they have piped the stream away otherwise we will need wellies.

Les Sims said...

Yes, the stream is being taken care of.
I was up there this morning and see that one part of the stream already has a new culvert beneath the track. In other places the stream runs alongside the track but at a much lower level.
See later post for more detail and pictures.