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Saturday, 14 February 2009

More of the Breadsall Greenway

The situation as of Saturday 14th February is as follows : -
Only some minor tree felling SW of the Windmill Bridleway. Beware of punctures - some are hawthorn.
NE of there, earthmovers in action at last. The top soil is being removed to expose the limestone ballast from the railway. Much of the soil is being moved to the NE end to form a 1 in 20 gradient up to the A608 level. On the road above the bridge, work is in hand to form the shared path which will lead to the crossing on the A608 to the next section running alongside the Nature Reserve.
The stream gulley has been filled in over a large pipe, where it crosses the path.
Viewing Recommendations
At present the Windmill Bridleway is a physical barrier across the Greenway due to the deep valley where there was once a railway bridge. Eventually this junction will be ramped on both sides, so some serious earthmoving to come here.
There is not much to see at the Derby end as yet.
The best viewing point is from the bridge on the A608 road. That is at the junction of Brookside Road, Mansfield Road and Lime Lane. No need then to get your bike filthy in the mud and less chance of you being run over by a dumper or a bulldozer.

A selection of photographs above. The bottom picture shows (left) the original stream and (right) the level of the new path well clear of the water and heading ever upwards to meet road (A608) level.
The middle picture shows how the right side bank is being cut away and soil from elsewhere being dumped to raise the path level.
The top picture shows the view looking SW back towards the Windmill Bridleway and Derby.
Click on photographs to enlarge them.

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