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Friday, 13 February 2009

New Ranger Group

It has been agreed with Sustrans and amongst those directly involved, that a new Ranger Group will be formed to look after the NCN Routes to the NE of Derby - basically along the Erewash Canal and the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border.
It will be called "The Erewash Valley Group" and Clyde Hinton has agreed to become the Liaison Ranger.
It will cover the Nutbrook Trail (NCN Route 67) and the northern half of the new Breadsall Greenway from Ilkeston to Stanley. There are plans for several other new routes in the area, which will be included eventually.
The Breadsall Greenway, which was to have been NCN Route 66, will not now take this number, but instead one of the new three digit numbers, probably becoming Route 672.
With regard to existing Rangers, both Stewart Limb and Jeff Wynch, who both live in the area, will be allocated to the Erewash Group and it will no doubt be necessary to recruit more new Rangers from within the area.
Rangers Tony Allcock (Long Eaton) and Keith Lycett (Castle Donington) will stay in the Derby Group, Tony looking after R6 from Long Eaton W into Derby, and Keith continuing to look after R6 from Wilson to Derby. Peter Ford covers both these routes as well.
We hope to keep very close co-operation between the two groups and are looking to improve communications with other Ranger Groups with which we have an interface.
Another new Group is being formed in NW Leicestershire and there are several planned routes (in the region of EMA) which will cross the Nottinghamshire/ Leicestershire/ Derbyshire borders.
Also we are looking at routes leading directly into Donington Park for both the Formula 1 Motor Racing access (by bike not Ferrari!)and the BikeRadarLive Cycling Festival on 30th/31st May this year and for the next four years.


BirdyRed said...

Does this mean we shall need a Liaison Officer to liaise between all the different groups' Liaison Ranger??

Les Sims said...

Are you volunteering?

Clyde said...

As a variant of the famous 'Barber Paradox', who liaises with the liasior?