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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Problem Solved

There has always been a problem in reaching high enough to place NCN Signs out of the reach of vandals, who are sometimes quite tall, since the development of the teenage human body is often in advance of the development of it's brain.
The Rangers traditional method of standing on the crossbar of a bike to reach higher is hardly in accordance with current H&S legislation, and could make your eyes water if you slip astride the crossbar!
The obvious solution is to use a ladder, but have you ever tried to carry a ladder on a bike? Another dodgy operation.
But now we have a solution - see photo.
Needless to say the wheels are not at the bottom when deploying the ladder.


Anonymous said...

Les is better at solving problems without his eyes fully functional. What happened to the break we were all looking forward to?

Anonymous said...

We once had a window cleaner who carried his ladder on his shoulder and his bucket of water on his handlebars! Tough nut.
John Swan

BirdyRed said...

Do you think that you will need a "Long Vehicle" sign on the ladder? Presumably this will only be used during the hours of daylight?

Anonymous said...

This looks like an attempt at designing a mobile,silent,do it yourself burglary kit for beginners. Or a device for getting on your bike if you've got very short legs.