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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Meals for £1!!!

The first Derby Rangers ride of 2009 took place today with a splendid turn out of 6 riders at one point (The Asda coffee stop!). The lunch stop, chosen at the last moment, was the cafe at Beeston Lock, Nottingham. We were amazed, and then delighted, to find a notice announcing the offer of meals for £1 on Wednesdays and £2 on Fridays. You can just make out this notice being held up for the camera. They were meals normally on the Menu for several times this amount and were substantial. You can see the empty plates and satisfied looks. The location is SK533353, just west of the canal lock. If you live near and fancy a ride out, it is worth doing so on a Wednesday or Friday. The ride was good, too - just warm enough to hold off the frostbite.

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