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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Some came for the ride...........................

..............and some came for the food, but most came for both the ride and the food.
A cold but sunny day, (not bad for January) as six Derby Rangers set out from Mickleover for a gentle circular ride to lunch at Mac's Cafe in Burton-upon-Trent.
We first stopped in Hilton for two large steaming pots of tea, before taking to the roads of Staffordshire via Marston-on-Dove, Rolleston-on-Dove, Anslow and Tatenhill, picking up NCN R54, from where we rode to Mac's Cafe, in Burton, meeting there the other three who had come by a slighly shorter route.
We then needed a table for nine, but the only 9 seater was occupied by a solitary diner. Would you believe it?
Lunch complete and more tea before a photo opportunity outside in the sunshine, and then a gentle ride home on R54, dropping off those who live in Etwall on the way.
Thirty something miles covered, so about evens on the calorie count, and as usual an excellent day out in good company.
Photo above shows the smiling Rangers replete after the meal and fired up for the ride home.


Anonymous said...

Not sure that Peter and Keith have have the right deodorant and sure Sue has something to say about that.

Les Sims said...

Phil does not look too happy either, but he had been to the dentist that very morning and of course Derby County lost to Manchester United the night before.