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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Artwork on Route 6 Derby to Swarkestone

Seen recently, new murals on the inside of the London Road tunnel, painted by local schoolkids. Scenes from everyday Derby. Excellent!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, artistic pictures. Must cycle and have a look.

Anonymous said...

This item on the Derby/Sandiacre Canal Society web site seems relevant here.
John Swan

Wilmorton Bridge - 27 March 2008
A group of people from St. Osmund’s Church have cleaned up the bridge and since then volunteers from the church, ourselves and Lakeside School have met to discuss what should be the theme of a mural which will be painted on the underside of the bridge.

A meeting was held recently at the Church with Derby Homes, the Community Safety Partnership, the Police, the artist Paul, and others, to take the scheme forward, culminating in a cheque for £700 being handed over.

A few days later Judy and Doug visited the school and gave an interactive talk and exhibition to the whole school. We dressed up as traditional boaters and laid out the dimensions of a boatman's cabin complete with cupboards, Buckby can, bucket and chuckit, stove etc to illustrate the very limited room in which to raise a family. That, together with a description of the hard work involved in shovelling coal, opened a few eyes! We did of course emphasise that it's not like that now but it gave the school a history lesson. A lot of people do not know thst there was a canal in Wilmorton.

The following week the children had a day with the artist giving him ideas as to what they would like in their mural.

Paul has collated the ideas and designed a mural.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding that, John! It's always nice to know the story behind the picture. Well discovered! And well done to St Osmund's Church!