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Friday, 17 October 2008

A Ride in the National Forest

A cool Autumn breeze blew across the River Trent in Burton as we met on the Ferry Bridge for a ride on the improving cycle paths in the National Forest, led by Shawn Brotherhood.
The small party had arrived by a variety of means.
Keith Lycett had cycled all the way from Castle Donington, Clyde arrived by train from Heanor and I had brought my folding bike on the X38 bus from Derby. Shawn had free-wheeled (?) down from nearby Swadlincote.
The first tracks were as yet unsurfaced and recent heavy rain had made the surfaces very difficult for those of us not on mountain bikes. I realised why potters call wet clay "slip", for that's what happened to my slick tyres. Plan B was to circumnavigate by road and then we took to the well surfaced Route 63 heading towards "Conkers".
Adjacent to the new Youth Hostel and caravan/camping site, we were most impressed to find new seats and picnic tables of a standard never seen before.
They are made of polished granite! Should be vandal proof and certainly unlikely to be stolen since they would require a crane to lift them.
Above photograph shows us trying them out, sadly without the picnic.
On to Moira Furnace for lunch, where Martin Aldred was awaiting us, having been on a CTC Ride to Calke Abbey in the morning.
After a good lunch and the inevitable pots of tea, we proceeded along to Donisthorpe where we went our various ways home.

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shawn the sheep said...

I post as I read Les's excellent summary. There is someone here in the Deep South! When will our food arrive as by now I am fair ravenous?