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Monday, 20 October 2008

Great Northern Greenway

The new Route 66 at Breadsall is still awaiting planning permission and since part of it is within the Derby City Boundary, there is one application by Derbyshire County Council and another by Derby City Council.
What a complicated business it is.
Many of us have submitted letters of support for the Derbyshire application, but the City application has only just become available for comment.
No doubt there will be letters from objectors to the plan and it is important that letters of support are also generated.
Please look at Derby City website and send in your vote in favour.
Go to http://eplanning.derby.gov.uk/acolnet/planningpages02/AcolNetCGI.gov?ACTION=UNWRAP&RIPNAME=Root.PgeNeighbours&TheSystemkey=86796
The application number is 09/08/01306
Or you can write letters addressed to:
Julia Meehan
Planning Department
Derby City Council
Roman House

1 comment:

shawn the sheep said...

Happy to give it my support. striaghtforward and simple to do online. Go for it!