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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Signing Improvement on Route 54

Keith Lycett has recently been very busy doing some sign writing on the gates between Mickleover and Etwall.
As you can see from the above photograph, his work is of a very high standard and makes a big improvement on the previous signs which were looking rather tired, and some had been vandalised.
An incidental advantage is that the gates are more visible in poor lighting conditions. We did have a complaint from a guy who ran into one gate, not having seen it in the dark. I suspect that he was on his way home from the pub at the time.
Keith has repaired the woodwork on two of the gates and also the fencing at Sutton Lane Bridge.
Well done Keith!
PS Don't go away - we have plenty more work for you.

1 comment:

Trexrider said...

And not one spelling error, easily done in the wind and the rain.

A very nice job, perhaps sustrans should buy a new signwriting brush for Keith. They used to cost a bomb, but are perhaps cheaper Chinese jobs now.