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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dangerous Tree on R54 at Mickleover

 A large willow tree is hanging precariously over the Greenway about 1/2 mile from Mickleover Station. This view is looking towards Etwall and is next to the last house before Potlocks Farm Gate.
Phil Royle has notified Derbyshire County Council Countryside Services and it is on their URGENT list, so we hope that the tree will be made safe (ie felled) tomorrow Friday August 4th.

View looking towards Mickleover Station.

PS 7.40pm 
It now seems that the Countryside Rangers arrived later this afternoon, but could not find the tree, and those of us who knew where it is had all gone home.
Propose to contact them again first thing Friday morning.


Longranger said...

Visited at 15.00 this afternoon and was all gone - turned into logs and chippings. Great job by Derbyshire Countryside Services experts.

littleranger said...

Amazing photographs plus video!