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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Tree Danger Sorted

The Derbyshire Countryside Rangers came along to deal with the precariously poised willow tree and it is now safe. It was far too big to be felled complete, so branches were cut off individually and turned into sawdust which was then sprayed into the undergrowth by a rather wonderful machine.
Watching other people working is a popular pastime, particularly so where they are experts at the job, as these guys are.
As always, experts make difficult tasks look easy.

                                       There goes one!

 This is the Muncher which was also useful for nudging the resulting logs off the path.
                         See it munching on video HERE

                                     The end result.

                       See the size against my 20" wheels.

                                      Path now clear.                      
                   Compare with similar photo on previous post.

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