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Saturday, 19 November 2016




Tomato & Basil soup with Roll (order 1a)
Beef & Vegetable soup with Roll (order 1b)

Turkey & Stuffing Roll (order 2a)
Beef & horseradish Roll (order 2b)
Jacket Potato with Cheese (order 2c)
Jacket potato with Tuna (order 2d)

Christmas Pudding with Cream (order 3a)
Christmas Pudding with Custard (order 3b)
Lemon Meringue Roulade with Cream (order 3c)

Coffee, Tea and Mince Pies as required (no need to order)

The cost is £10 per person.

Bring your own alcoholic drinks as required

Reply asap by email to Phil Harris (harris.etwall@gmail.com)


Longranger said...

Assuming same procedure as before:
1a / 2a / 3c.

BirdyRed said...

Anne will have 1a, 2c, and 3c
I will have 1a, 2a, and 3b


ps Why did Clyde post this?

Clyde said...

It's a long story, Peter!

Martin said...

Martin 1a, 2a,3b (Willesden, Rugby, Bushbury)

Joy 1a, 2d, 3c (Willesden, Coventry,Rycroft (Walsall))

BirdyRed said...

Hands up all those (apart from me) who understand the connection between 1a and Willesden etc referred to in Martin's comment.

Longranger said...

Missing ones are 1B Camden, 2b Nuneaton. None of the others are in my Summer 1961 edition.

Martin said...

I thought it might be an easy way to remember what I had ordered. No obvious link between tomato soup and Willesden, but the sheds were all on regular diversionary routes when the Trent Valley Line was being electrified.

BirdyRed said...

I have 1959 Locoshed book in which all the 1x, 2x(but no 2c) and 3x sheds are listed. I also have a 1962 book and find that, by then 2d, Coventry, is no more, Bescot (was 3A) is 21b, Bushbury 21c, Walsall 21f, Aston 21d and Monument Lane is now 21e. Similar sorts of changes are apparent in other Regions. North Eastern Region still exists in 62 but how long it survived after that I'm not sure.

littleranger said...

All too technical for me so could we order the following please:

Mavis 1(a) 2(a) 3(c)
John 1(a) 2(a) 3(a)

Martin said...

Coventry shed was a bit of a joke. Tucked away in a corner between the London and Leamington lines and only room for about 6 locos. The highlight, stabled there, was the loco from the overnight Glasgow - Coventry parcels train, worked by a Polmadie Class 7 or 8 loco that returned with the 7.59 all stations to Birmingham before becoming an "express" to Glasgow. Worth getting out of bed early to see it on my way to school.

Clyde said...

Coming into the discussion rather late. We used to bunk 1A along with many others in N London (Kentish Town, Cricklewood, Neasden, Old Oak Common, etc) using a Bus Rover. 1A was a doddle to get into but didn't have the sexy locos. 1B on the other hand had the sexy LMS locos but was very hard to get into!

BirdyRed said...

My reflections on the changes brought about to sheds (later maintenance depots) following "Modernisation" and the subsequent further changes after privatisation when some relatively new facilities disappeared and others became "Traincare Depots" are perhaps not for this blog. What is however is a vote of thanks to Phil and Sue H. for their role in organising and coordinating the arrangements and for managing to relieve hard up pensioners of some of their dwindling cash resources. Well done, Phil