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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Path Widening at Etwall

For the past few weeks the Community Payback Team have been widening the Greenway in places where it was most necessary and where access was not too difficult.
We have had them working in both directions from Heage Lane, and Sutton Lane.  Consequently the improved section runs now from Bearwardcote Gate to the Pink Bridge, and as of today they are working out of Old Station Close where access is good. They are concentrating on the section from there to the SW side of  the Pink Bridge, and when that is complete, probably in a week's time, we will start them on the long haul to the A50 Tunnel and beyond.

                            Before - looking from Old Station Close towards the Pink Bridge.

                                                            After last weekend's work.

      Asked for a comment on the work, this local resident,  Old Station Claws, said  "Just purr-fect".


Littleranger said...

The pay back team are making an excellent job and long may it continue.

Les Sims said...

Should do. No shortage of "volunteers". See Derby Telegraph for latest recruits.
To be fair, most of them seem to enjoy the work, and get stuck in with gusto. He is the Italian lad.