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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Latest on Path Widening

Another  session on Saturday by the Payback Team sees the work now in sight of Bearwardcote Gate and we expect to see this target reached next Saturday.

                                         View looking NE towards Bearwardcote Gate.

There was a problem on Saturday in that the public toilets in Etwall, which the Team use, were closed due to vandalism.  We hope that the problem will be resolved for next weekend.

The verge overgrowth is not such a problem on the NE side of Bearwardcote Gate, so the following week we will take the Team to Sutton Lane and have them work NE to join up with the work already done SW of Heage Lane. We will then have an unbroken length all the way from Sutton Lane to Bearwardcote.
There is still plenty of work for both the Community Payback Team and the Portakabin 30  Volunteers as we can employ both on the stretch from Old Station Close SW towards the A50 Tunnel.


Longranger said...

The clearance to Bearwardcote gate was completed and what a great improvement. One of our regular joggers thought he had taken a wrong turn and was on the M1!

Littleranger said...

Brilliant job on the track and toilets in Etwall are now open