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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Vegetation Control

The pathside vegetation on Route 54/68 between Mickleover and Etwall has been the subject of complaints from the general public and much discussion amongst the Rangers.
 We have been able to cut back the worst areas but there is much left to be done although the forthcoming Winter weather will see a natural die back anyway.

Not having seen if there was a similar problem on the Breadsall Greenway, I rode over there yesterday and made video of the whole route, both Phase 1 and Phase 2.  Due to the greater width of 3m throughout at Breadsall, the pathside vegetation, although untrimmed by Derbyshire County Council, does not impinge on the path itself like it does at Mickleover/Etwall.  Also, at the Paddock PH end, which lies within the Derby City boundary, grass has been mown quite neatly, presumably by Derby City Parks Dept. who have been mowing the vast swathes of Racecourse Park nearby.

There are two videos on YouTube (Click HERE) which cover the whole length from Lime Lane downhill to the Paddock PH.  They are shown at 2x cycling speed to keep the length down, and I think that this speed is about right for what is required here.

We are proposing to do more work on R54 on Thursday morning working from Sutton Lane towards Heage Lane.  Help required please to clear debris. Meet 9am onwards at Sutton Lane Bridge.
Cars enter via Sutton Lane. Gate will be unlocked by Mavis R.

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