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Monday, 24 August 2015

Illegal Motorcycling

The riding of motor cycles on our local off road routes was once quite a problem, but there have been few cases since the law was changed to allow the police to confiscate machines on the first offence, instead of, as previously, on the second offence after a warning.
Lots of such machines have been sent to the crusher at Albert Looms.

But... the problem is back on R54/68 at Mackworth.

Two youths on unlicensed machines were seen today and fortunately I had a camera with me and managed to get shots of both riders.  I have reported the matter to the police and hope that the pictures will identify the riders and result in the machines being confiscated.

Please let me know if you should see these riders on the path.

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Peter Roberts said...

Not sure whether you follow Amanda Solloway ( our MP ) on FB but she has been working with Parks Department and Derbyshire Police to give Park Keepers increased powers, and today they were approved. What we now need is for these people to add Mickleover Parks/Spaces to their watch list