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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Work at Alvaston

Regular users of NCN Route 6 will know that where the path runs beneath Raynesway, there is often flooding from the adjacent River Derwent.  Some drainage work is planned for late January and this help matters. However, the work may result in blockage of the path for part of the three week period.
At some risk to life and limb, you can bypass the works by crossing Raynesway on the deck of the bridge.

                            View looking towards Derby from the East side of Raynesway..

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John SWAN said...

This is a notorious flood spot. Walkers could climb up the rock and concrete wall by the water. I believe this was to prevent the water accessing the track, but it did not do the job. On occasion I have cycled through a low level of flooding without getting my feet wet, but that is an unknown quantity until it is tested! Hope they can sort the problem.