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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Velodrome Road Circuit

Adjacent to the Velodrome is a large area of derelict land which has been developed as a nature reserve, and an integral part of the basic plan for the area has been to use a small part of this land to provide an outdoor closed road circuit.
The final proposal for this has now been made public and is an application for planning permission
The tarmac track will only be accessible by way of the Velodrome, so it will not be open to the public 24/7.
There is no similar for cyclists anywhere in the area and the plan shows the path hugging the outside boundary of the nature reserve, so that it will have minimum impact on the wildlife.
Local wildlife groups are putting up a strong case against the proposal so it is important that cyclists do likewise.
To view the details of the planning application, take this link to the Derby City Planning website
Click HERE
Enter the application number which is 12/13/01465

You can then view all the relevant documents, enter your support (or otherwise) for the proposal and add comments, which will be taken into account by the Planning Committee when they meet to decide the issue.
You do not need to be a Derby City resident to vote or comment.

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