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Friday, 3 January 2014

Good news from Uttoxeter

Staffordshire County Council are constructing a new cycle path connecting the West end of NCN Route 549 to the town centre and this will eliminate the need to cycle on the busy road which runs from the A50 roundabout on the far side of the River Dove Bridge.
There is much work to be done yet but it will be a big improvement when complete.

 View at end of R549 with A50 roundabout to the right, The Dove Bridge PH opposite, and the road  to Uttoxeter on the left.

 View looking towards Uttoxeter with path ready for top coat of tarmac. It currently ends at the "Welcome to Uttoxeter" sign, but appears to be heading in the right direction from there on.

                                            View looking back to A50 roundabout.
For more information on this project click .HERE


Longranger said...

There is an article about this on the Uttoxeter Advertiser website dated 09 April 2013.
Google 'A518 cycle path'

Les Sims said...

Thanks Nick for finding this info.
I have added a link to the post.

BirdyRed said...

Good to see that the article referred to correctly identifies NCN549 (The Les Sims Way!!)

Les Sims said...

Although the signing on Route 549 is generally excellent, there is a minor problem at the exreme Uttoxeter end (ie where the new path starts) as it is marked as Route 54. If anyone is going that way please take a 549 sticker and correct it.

Jim Ashbourne said...

Sunday 19th Jan - top surface complete; all contractors' equipment & materials removed. No signage or central white line yet (assuming dual use). But abrupt halt at Uttoxeter welcome sign and no dropped kerb back onto road. No more verge beyond this point as field hedge is right up to the road. So will it continue nearer the town?