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Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Near Miss

Over the years the standard of car driving has dropped to an all time low, and mature cyclists will not be surprised at the following pictures, but newcomers may be put off cycling for life.
Luckily I happened to have a handlebar mounted video camera running at the time and here are four stills from the footage.
No further explanation is necessary except to say that I was heading towards Mickleover on Uttoxeter Road and the car driver turned left into King's Drive.

Watch out for White Nissan Micra R380 GAT!

27th Jan 2014
Complete video now on You Tube.
Click HERE

30th Jan 2014
Read about efforts that CTC are making in an attempt to persuade the Police to use cyclist's videos as evidence in the prosecution of bad drivers.
Click HERE2


Trexrider said...

A near miss indeed. And I agree car driving standards have reached a new low. Whilst following close behind Nick, a car but pulled out in front of me across the two cautionary lines when we were cycling along West drive, the only way to avoid a collision was to turn very quickly into the road he had just come from.

But it is not just that, the large potholes make cars wary about driving through puddles on their side of the road, and thus they sit in the centre of country roads forcing cyclists to ride through the puddles on their own side, with even more potential harm if there should be a pothole hidden therein.

Of course very few think of slowing down and protecting both car and cyclist.

swaddywaddy said...

Would the local police respond to you evidence? Somehow I doubt it. Clear case of driving without care and attention.

Les Sims said...

The photos have been passed to the Police, and you are right they were not that interested, saying "How fast were you going and what speed was the car doing?"
Also "Are there any witnesses ?"