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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Velodrome Latest News

The external  cladding of the building is now well advanced and we can see that it is, not surprisingly, looking much like the artist's impressions that we viewed before construction commenced.

Human figures (bottom right) give a better idea of the size of the building.

A dull and grey day for my visit, but brightened by the bright yellow rain-ware and cheery smiles of the Pedal Pals Group,  out for another of their weekly rides.
I suspect that one of these people is left-handed. Which is it?

The building now towers above the company offices on Pride Park.

And here a distant view from the railway bridge on the Ascot Drive side of the site, the Velodrome dwarfing the premises of the local Audi dealership.

Late News
4th October - News of a proposal for yet another Velodrome, this being an outdoor one at York University.

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