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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Breadsall Greenway Extension

Whilst up at Breadsall yesterday taking the photographs for the previous post, I rode on towards Lime Lane near Morley to check if there were any signs of impending activity.
On the A608 where the current greenway ends there is a pile of barriers and a portable toilet, this being at the point where the new route will cross the main road and through the hedge which forms a boundary with existing nature reserve.

This confirms John Swan's comment on the previous post and points to the likelihood of work being done from both ends, working towards the middle.
The nature reserve is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and although there is a public footpath running through it on the railway track-bed, the new greenway will run along the top of the embankment for some distance.

At the Morley end where we understand that the construction machinery will be sited, there are no signs of action as yet.  Here is a photograph of the line of trees which mark the route of the old railway.

Presumably the new path will come out through the centre of these trees onto Lime Lane which is to the back of us in this shot.
There is a rather nasty blind bend close by but we believe that sighting improvements will be made to improve road safety here.
Across the road which will, one day be the start of the next (third) section of the greenway, there is sight of the Ilkeston metropolis on the skyline, so we can see that the path is pointing in the right direction.
The current extension brings one further advantage, (although critics will still say that it "goes nowhere"), being that it brings the Breadsall Greenway within striking distance of another pub where we can partake of refreshment, at the Kings Corner pub on Lime lane a short distance away.
They have a good selection of food at sensible prices and, strictly in the line of duty, I checked out the quality of the ale.
Watch this space for further news (hic).

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