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Sunday, 1 September 2013

London Road Closure

In order to facilitate the construction of a new road bridge crossing the railway line South of Derby Station the road is now closed and will remain so for a considerable time.
Fortunately for pedestrians and cyclists they are not affected since there remains a designated route across the old bridge until such time as the new (temporary) footbridge is opened prior to demolition of the old bridge.

View looking towards City Centre from Litchurch Lane end of old bridge. Access for pedestrians and cyclists on right hand pavement.

View of London Road looking the other way (towards Ascot Drive) and not a car in sight..

New pedestrian/cycle bridge under construction.
Note restricted height, so riders of penny-farthings  and giraffe unicycles may need to dismount.

1 comment:

Martin said...

But watch out for traffic entering London Road from Bateman Street, and not expecting anyone to be using the road from the bridge.