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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Conkers Portrait Bench Inauguration Ride 23rd March

If anyone would like to join the North West Leicestershire Rangers on an ride to commemorate the inauguration of the Portrait Bench on the Conkers Circuit at Albert Village on Saturday, 23rd March you will be most welcome.

Rangers  will depart  the main Conkers car park at 11.00 am to meet officials at bench on Albert village lake for the official opening around 11.30. A ride on the Conkers circuit will follow with visit to the cafe at Hicks Lodge for coffee and cake etc. Robert Robinson and Ben Stuart will be leading the ride as I have work unfortunately.


Les Sims said...

Will be there.

Littleranger said...

Sounds great but unable to join in this time. Hope you all have a good day.

swaddywaddy said...

event cancelled due to expected severe adverse weather condition
see email. are you still camping Les?

Les Sims said...

Not the weather for camping caravanning or cycling, so have cancelled my booking.
This awful weather can't last much longer surely.