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Monday, 21 January 2013

Peak Cycle Links

The Derwent Valley Cycleway Group along with other organisations have been working hard to progress new cycle routes in the Peak District, and here is an update of the current postion.

Dear Les,
I wrote to you in May last year with a detailed statement as to the then
current position regarding creation of the White Peak Loop - being a
cycling/walking route connecting Buxton to Matlock via the Monsal Trail and
returning via Cromford and the High Peak Trail and then following new routes
back into Buxton.

There has been some progress since then. As I explained in my earlier note
DCC has taken on direct responsibility for completing the link between
Buxton and Matlock rail stations. They have established a steering group
which comprises the County, District and Borough Councils and the Peak Park.
DCC insisted that all existing planning applications were withdrawn which
has now been done. They have had an independent survey carried out to find
the best route from Wye Dale into Buxton which has confirmed that the route
proposed by DVCG is the only feasible one. DCC insist that they are
committed to completing the Matlock to Buxton route and therefore it has
become clear that DVCG's role has now been superseded by the steering group.

DCC will not be devoting any resources to completing the link from the top
of the High Peak Trail into Buxton and this is now the main focus of work by
Peak Cycle Links (PCL), which already has planning permission for one
section of the route. Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, will be
assisting and supporting PCL. PCL will continue to take an interest in the
DCC project and has been recognised by DCC as a representative body for

DVCG has decided to merge with PCL; we already had some common membership
and, of course, shared interests and goals. Our (limited) assets are being
transferred to PCL and a joint meeting is taking place shortly to see how
best we can support their work.

We at DVCG do hope you will continue to take an interest in the creation of
these routes and we strongly recommend that you join PCL so that you can
continue to be kept up to date with developments. Their website is at

With best wishes from DVCG.


Trexrider said...

I am aware that Les has kept a very interested eye on the developments of the peak district routes, joining PLC and why/if we should join is now a matter for discussion amongst the local Rangers. Historically we have had very close ties and I am sure we would wish it to continue into the future.

Clyde said...

PCL is a very worthy cause! This circular route, the White Peak Loop, should be an amazing asset to cyclists and walkers within our local area when it's all finished! Already, the Monsal Trail, which eventually will be part of it, is hugely popular.