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Thursday, 8 November 2012

New 549 route around Nestle

After several meetings and site visits, I am pleased to say that the new route around Nestle is really taking shape now. The greenway will go around the perimeter of the land that Nestle has purchased in order to build the new £300 million factory. I have had the privilege to walk the new route the other day and to be fair to Nestle they are doing a really good job. Although saying that we do have a slight issue with the 120 tons of TopTrec that was delivered, which we are sorting out at the moment. I have attached some photos of the work so far. The new Salt Brook is running well and clear, there is already watercress growing in it. The greenway will be landscaped, a picnic area is being created and we are looking into the possibility of a tree house! Hatton Primary school and other local groups have been involved in how they want the greenway to look. There will be environmental friendly sculptures going up, nest boxes that have been made by Youth of Hatton and there are already bat boxes been put up. It is worth going to have a look if you can.

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Les Sims said...

Thanks for the update Yvonne. We look forward to riding on the new path as soon as it is open to the public.
A good excuse for having another meal at the Secret Diner in Sudbury Prison.