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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

More Flooding

After heavy rain overnight and more this morning, there was flooding of Route 54 at Etwall, the path beneath the A516 Bridge being under water.

This morning the Probation Service requested work for a Community Payback Team, unable to fulfill their original assignment, and we offered them work on the Etwall side of Sutton Lane Bridge which was not (quite) flooded and where vehicular access was possible on the tarmac of Sutton Lane. They did a good job cutting back pathside vegetation in spite of the rain which continued rather longer than indicated by the weather forecast.

Whilst they were there a passing dog jumped into the adjacent and swollen Etwall Brook, and was unable to swim back against the strong current.  It was then drawn into the brick culvert which passes beneath Sutton Lane and into the grounds of John Port School. It was  rescued from there.  A lucky laborador indeed, especially when you see how little headroom there is with water level at this height.

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