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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mickleover Greenway News

Over the past couple of weeks the Community Payback Team have been busy levelling the ground in the area of the Curved Seat, so that it can be developed as a picnic area, and as a possible site for our proposed Outdoor Tea Shop which will replace our BBQ.
The footpath from Greenside Court to Radbourne village crosses the Greenway here and the improved visibility will reduce the risk of conflict between walkers and cyclists at this point
In the Spring the bare ground will soon green over and we will be able to mow the new grass to make it even more attractive. Also we will be installing more seats, one of which is the one which was originally sited on the Breadsall Greenway but wrecked by vandals. This has been recovered almost complete, and has been repaired.

View looking Westwards towards Etwall and the Bonehill Gate.
As a small thankyou to the Payback Team we are providing them with hot soup on Saturday (24th) morning at about 11am. when they will here again to continue the trimming of the path verges in this area. Since, due to the ash fungus problem, we are required by DCC to burn any ash prunings produced during this work, we will be having a bonfire, so please come along if you can as the Probation Service rules do not allow their charges to meddle with fire. No such restriction on Rangers doing this of course, so come along for some of Mavis's soup (highly recommended), a warm fire and some stimulating conversation.

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