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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Busy Day on R54

Firstly a team of drainage contractors were clearing debris from the ditches and drains on Station Road at Mickleover, where many of the flash flooding problems originated a few weeks ago.

Also a team from Derbyshire County Council here to finalise proposals for repairs to the path which was badly damaged by the flooding.  Hopefully this work will be commenced within the next few weeks and we await confirmation of this action. Before then, we will have the Community Payback Team clear "lay-byes" adjacent to the path such that two dumpers can pass each other.  This will minimise delays during the repair operations.

Later in the day urgent action was required after two walkers reported the imminent failure of a large crack willow tree due to the high winds.  The tree is about 1km West of Mickleover Station and has been leaning at about 45 degrees for some years.  Our previous efforts to have it made safe were unsuccessful, but we did remove one of the lower branches ourselves.
Examination revealed that the lean was increasing and so the path was closed in the interests of public safety.  Tree surgeons will will fell the tree on Wednesday morning.


JohnS said...

Our walking group have a walk planned on November 1st starting at either Egginton or Mickleover. Will it be safe for them to traverse the Greenway on that day?

Les Sims said...

Yes should be OK, but we do not have a firm date for he work as yet.
If you start from Egginton then you could bypass the works by turning right at the Curved Seat, taking the footpath to Greenside Court which leads to Ladybank Road and Trent Barton bus service.