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Monday, 3 September 2012

Next Workday

After a period of (relative) inactivity, we have some jobs to catch up on before the BBQ Ride on 23rd September.
Fortunately, the Community Service Payback Team will be doing most of the hard work but there are some jobs which need our own particular brand of expertise.

So at 9.45am at Mickleover Station on Saturday 8th September...........
Payback Team arrive to do the following work
Cut up fallen hawthorn tree at Hackwood Steps and move timber to bonfire site on Station Green.
Trim overhanging branches along Greenway to Bonehill Gate.
Cut back verges between Bonehill Gate and Burnaston Gate (and beyond?).

Rangers jobs ..........
Set paving slab in ground at Bearwoodcote Gate. Slab is already on site and will raise level of path through pedestrian gate where there is a puddle after rain.
Paint seats as necessary.
At A516 Bridge - replace fallen place signs. Ladder required.
Strim grass on clearing at Sutton Lane Bridge.
Clear debris from steps at Sutton Lane.

Since we may be spread out along the path, Rangers please ring 07754412670 to find out where we are during the day.
All tools and materials will be available on site as required.


Littleranger said...

We are away 8th - 10th September, but can help another time with painting etc. Also have the A516 sign in our garage and can organize for a ladder to be there. Will arrange another date with you Les.

BirdyRed said...

I'm sorry I wont be there either. I shall be on a(much harder) work day with my heritage railway relaying trackwork. Even the tools are heavy.