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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


As users of the Mickleover Greenway will be aware, the vegetation alongside the path has got out of control during the Summer months after such good growing weather with lots of rain.
Apart from the area West of Mickleover Station where Stefan has done a great job with regular strimming of the grass, the path is narrowed by shoulder high nettles and elephant grass.
The DCC Countryside Rangers are unable to bring along their tractor mower for some weeks yet, so I have arranged for the Community Payback Teams to come along to help us in widening the passageway where it is at it's narrowest.
They will start work on Saturday 8th September and in the meantime we will get on with some strimming.
Also we have tranported a 2ft x 2 ft concrete paving slab along to Bearwardcote Gate where this will be used as a stepping stone at the pedestrian gate where there is a consistent puddle.
We can install this on a forthcoming Rangers Workday and also install a second seat on the Hilton Greenway. This has been waiting for some time.
Some minor maintenance work is required at Sutton Lane Bridge (replacement of fallen signs on A 516 bridge and clearance of debris from steps).
Date of Rangers Workday to be advised shortly.

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