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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

That which was lost is found

In June the new seat which we had installed on the Breadsall Greenway was wrecked by mindless vandals, and the remains subsequently disappeared completely.

All component parts of the seat were taken away before we could re-claim them, but it  now appears that the Derbyshire Countryside Rangers had taken away the wreckage and are now able to return it to us.
So we will be looking for an alternative site for the repaired seat.  No point in re-erecting it at Breadsall although the place where it stood was ideal, with excellent views down the path, and during it's short tenure was much appreciated by local people..


JohnS said...

Never heard of Derbyshire Countryside Rangers. I placed a request for any information about our seat on the Breadsall village website with no response!

JohnS said...

Just done a 'Google' and it seems that they are part of the Derbyshire County Council setup. They have a Facebook site too.