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Friday, 17 August 2012

Phil's Mystery Tour

This delightful group of Derby Rangers met at Phil Harris's house for a mystery ride which Phil had organised to a  "greasy spoon" cafe which he had recentlydiscovered. To sustain us on this exciting journey, Sue Harris provided us with most welcome coffee and biscuits.
The weather was perfect for cycling as we rode along our very own Route 549 in a Westerly direction. Arriving in Hatton, we called to pay a surprise visit on Ranger Yvonne Yates, but she must have got wind of our impending arrival and was not at home. Who could blame her?
 On then along through Tutbury, along  some very nice country lanes and climbing several steep hills, we turned up in Stretton on the outskirts of Burton and arrived at the recently constucted path alongside the Trent and Mersey Canal heading towards Burton.
A slight delay whilst we negotiated the steps down from the A38 crossing. See photo below.

Not sure what Mavis is up to here. Looks as though she is about to punch someone.
Riding on into Burton, still mystified as to the whereabouts of our destination for lunch, we followed Phil to The Tuck Shop, which was previously unknown to anyone but Phil.
With such nice weather, we sat outside in the sunshine to eat our lunch which had been ordered in advance. See below.

After an excellent meal washed down with steaming mugs of hot tea, we set off back home more directly along R54 on very familiar territory through Egginton and Etwall.
So thanks to Phil for organising the outing and to Sue for providing the pre-ride coffee and biscuits.
A great day out enjoyed by all -  even those who had the misfortune to get rained on for the last few miles back home.

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