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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Olympic ride

On Phils greasy spoon ride, (Thanks Phill, great day), several Rangers expressed a desire to visit the Olympic Park in London now that the Olympics are over.

But first the development folks have to take down several buildings, build flats and redo the park areas before it will be open to the public again.

It is anticipated that the Olympic park will not be open for visitors until mid June 2013, so, the Rangers could either do an early visit then or find fun in the great cycle weekend in August. (See the link below) Or both.

I will keep an eye on the situation as it changes.


Peter Roberts said...

My son raises quite a lot of money for MIND and he has asked me to ride with him in the LondonRide100 next August, part of this festival. We are also going in the 8mile fun ride the day before along with his children. Assuming we either get a place in the ballot or receive an entry via MIND.
Laura Trott and Lizzie ArmiTstead are riding so I will have to follow their wheel :-)

BirdyRed said...

Firstly, I would like to add my compliments to Phil and Sue for the work involved in planning the ride and providing sustenance before (and after, I gather) the ride. Well done, both.
Secondly, as the Olympic Park visit and RideLondon are a long way away yet (yes, yes, I do know time flies) it seems to me that there are other "social" rides we could do during the shorter days in a similar fashion to todays trip. We would meet somewhere for coffee, have a 15 miles or so ride to a cafe for lunch (light or otherwise) with a short ride back home so as to be in doors before dark. Say once a month? Shall I do the next one?

Trexrider said...

Yes! Bring it on. We need to get fit for the Olympics.

David Martin said...

Having worked for 9 days in the Olympic Park I can say it really is a magical place, thinking how such a toxic barren place it was beforehand.
The Olympics are not over, we are only half way with the Paralympics to come in the next few weeks.

Legacy wise it will leave some fantastic buildings like the Velodrome, Aquatics Centre, Copper Box and Stadium, all of these will be situated in the UK's largest urban park called Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which will reopen on the 27 July 2013, the park overall will be complete by 2014.

Boris will expand his hire bikes into Newham next year with lots in the park, so lots of opportunities to get around and explore the woodlands, gardens and waterways.

swaddywaddy said...

I am also doing the Londonride100 if successful in ballot possibly in support of the the ProstateCancer charity. Can you post details of future rides out over next month or so. How about a ride to the Tour of Britain stage in Stoke on September 10th?

Littleranger said...

Great ride last Thursday and just what we needed after a prolonged spell of not doing very much. Yes, all for another one.