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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wanted ...........

.................. more of these, which older readers will recognise as a type of cycle lamp bracket from the past, long before the invention of the LED and our super efficient lightweight modern lights.
In those days, bike lights were powered by expensive and heavy twin cell carbon batteries which gave out a pretty dim light, and the law was strictly enforced.  In fact my Dad was once fined ten shillings (a tidy sum in those days) for riding without a rear light.
This nylon gadget was used to fasten the lamp to the bike and incorporates a ball and socket joint which is ideal as a link between a bike and a trailer.
So I am hoping that someone out there has such a thing hidden away in a drawer.

This is what it looks like opened up and you can see the ball which is clamped in place by the wing nut.
The lamp fitted into the retangular
space to the right of the ball and the clampy thing on the left fitted onto the handlebars.
The adjustment allowed you to point the pathetic light roughly in the direction of the oncoming traffic, of which there was very little in those days.
Please mail me if you have one.


JohnS said...


Just Googled this link.

Longranger said...

If there are any collectors about, I have some older battery lights for disposal, which take 2 'U2' cells and an even older metal bodied front light which takes the now obsolete 'cycle lamp battery' - including adaptor for D cells.