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Friday, 27 July 2012

New Bike Trailer

Our group bike trailer has served us well over the years for carrying tools and materials along the five miles of the Mickleover Greenway, but was getting past it's sell-by date, as the canvas body was worn through in several places although the chassis and wheels were OK. Originally we found the abandoned double child trailer dumped in a ditch in Leicestershire and since no-one claimed it, we retrieved it after the due process.
The top portion was badly damaged so that was removed to make it into a luggage trailer.
The chassis has now been fitted with a large plastic box donated by a packaging company whose warehouse lies alongside the Hilton Greenway. The box was originally designed as a container for aero engine components, so is of industrial quality.
As supplied, the box came with a double hinged lid, but on test we found that this gave rise to  an annoying rattle on the move, so has been removed.
Since these boxes were free, we have another one available to make second bike trailer, the idea being to have one stationed at each end of the Greenway. Phil Harris will keep this one in his garage at Etwall/Egginton, and the other will be stored in our vehicle trailer at Mickleover Station.

Rear view of trailer.
 Note that the 20" wheels are quickly detachable and that the trailer can be stored upright on it's rear end.
And yes, it will pass through the A frame barriers ..................... just!


Longranger said...

Splendid job Les. I can think of several uses for it already.

JohnS said...

Real multi tasking!