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Monday, 7 May 2012

New Member of Staff

Here at Blog HQ in Mickleover we have a new assistant editor (AssEd for short) in the shape of Basset, our black and white cat, whose habit of walking on the computer keyboard has been the cause of many a  typographical error and even some unintelligable drivel. ............... and you thought it was me!
He now has his own cushion on the Editor's desk which encourages him to settle down, but he's not too keen on the telephone when it rings, disturbing his slumber. Perhaps we should change the ring tone to a purr or a mieow.
He likes to watch the cat videos on YouTube, and of course, knows how to use the "paws" button.


Anonymous said...

He'll be keeping an eye on your mouse I expect.

As your sight deteriorates be very careful using your pencil sharpener!


JohnS said...

Why does my desk looks so untidy compared to yours? Must be that new assistant's work.

Les Sims said...

I was going to offer a prize for the best comments, but it looks as though Geoff has cornered the market already.
My desk is not usually this tidy John, but I moved all the rubbish out of shot. Will put it back now.

Littleranger said...

A very impressive 'Felix' photograph and not a mouse in sight - well his anyway.