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Monday, 7 May 2012

Images of Spring

A family group head Eastwards towards Sutton Lane Bridge on Route 54, passing the profusion of wild flowers which are now becoming established on the previously dark and dismal verge that had received little light and sunshine due to the heavy  growth of vegetation  since removed by the Community Payback teams.
Over at Hilton on Route 549, the trees and shrubs planted last year are coming into leaf, showing great promise for converting this previously barren landscape into a sylvan corridor in the years to come.
From the Don Amott Seat we see a nice group of flowering cherry trees which will soon obscure views of the Industrial Estate beyond and the lonesome electricity pylon. This year only a small amount of blossom is visible, but it will be a wonderful sight to behold next year.

A mouse's-eye view of the flowers shows them to be mainly forget-me-nots and dandelions, the latter considered a weed in our gardens, but out here in the wild, they form a  vibrant splash of yellow and having a deep tap root can reach down to moisture not available to shallower rooted plants. Not that a shortage of water has been a problem over the last couple of weeks, in fact there has been an explosion of growth on our grass verges and we are catching up with grass cutting between the showers.
The bright yellow theme continues here with a view Southeastwards across the fields of oilseed rape towards the A516 Derby to Uttoxeter road which lies just over the horizon and thankfully out of earshot. Beyond the trees is Bannel's Lane which was to have  been the entry route to the proposed Burnaston House and the green lane seen here (which is not a public right of way) would have been the link to a crossing of the Greenway through the gate in the foreground.

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