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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Statfold Barn Railway, Tamworth, 31st March

Further to my post on 20th November I am intending to apply for tickets to go to this event. Les and "Anonymous" - (Mavis/Phil??) expressed interest. Would the original applicants please confirm their continued interest and anyone else who would like to come please let me know soonish so that I can send money and details on your behalf. The cost is a "voluntary" contribution to charities of £8 per head and the application form requires names and addresses. Please see the link in the 20th Nov post for more details of the Railway and the Open Days.


Les Sims said...

Please note that you can add your name to a comment should you wish so to do.
Just hit the button (Name/URL) and add you preferred name.
"Anonymous" is the default.

Littleranger said...

Unfortunately, I have decided not to go on the ride to Statfold Barn Railway on 31st March as we return from Norway a few days beforehand and not too sure I can plan that far ahead at the moment.