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Monday, 23 January 2012

Rangers Workday Tuesday 24th January

The weather forecast for tomorrow looks grim and not at all suitable for bonfires as planned.
However, they do not always get it right, and if there is a dry spell long enough to get a fire going, we can cope with a little rain later on. The Payback Team will be coming at 9.45am whatever the weather, so I will be on site at Bonehill's Gate .
Have to move some timber anyway and will do this by car.
BUT if it is raining, then we will call the workday off.  If you are not sure, you can ring me on 07754412670.
If it isn't raining and looks OK we will proceed.
Another option would be to have the bonfire on Wednesday, which looks like a better day weatherwise.
Let me know if you could come on Wednesday instead (or not).

Late News 7.45am Tues
Steady rain at present but it looks as though it will pass over later, so suggest we try for ignition at about 11am.
Have a lie in until then.

1 comment:

Littleranger said...

I can come tomorrow or Wednesday but again, not until after 11.00 am