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Monday, 23 January 2012

Colliery Lines to Cycle Paths

The above is the heading to a small paragraph in the latest edition of an on-line rail enthusiasts magazine. The article goes on to say that Notts County Council is to buy the now redundant rail lines (and thus the track bed) which used to serve the collieries of Bilsthorpe, Cotgrave, Calverton and Clipstone. This will allegedly cost £80,000 - seems a snip to me - and the conversion to cycleways will add another £1.7 million. Good News, what?


Les Sims said...

Excellent news, especially in these difficult times, and as you say a snip at the price.
The most important factor is to establish ownership, even if there is no cash at present to further the development. One day there will be money available.

Clyde said...

Brilliant news! I've been keeping an eye on some of these in Clipstone Forest. Do you have the link to this article, please, Peter?