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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another Planning Application

The Monsal Trail

Those who have cycled or walked on the Monsal Trail will know what a superb job has been done there and may be aware that more work is being done to open up areas of the Derbyshire Peak District with more off-road greenways.
With any such proposal there will always be people who make objections and it is important that these plans are given strong support to balance this out.
Here are the details of the application to extend the Monsal trail Southwards connecting  Bakewell to Rowsley by a path through the Haddon Hall Estate. You can add you support quite simply via the link.

At a meeting last night at Rowsley Village Hall, the Peak Park Planning Officer Chris Fridlington said there is still time to register your comments about the planning application to extend the Monsal Trail from Bakewell (Combs RD) through the Haddon Hall estate to Rowsley at Church Lane (next to the Peacock Hotel). This is only one stage in the creation of the proposed 60 mile loop but a crucial one. It means you can avoid the A6 from Bakewell to Rowsley. There were quite a few local residents who are going to object on the grounds of parking issues and some safety concerns, all of which we think can be accommodated.

However we need you to send in your comments of support now.

I have copied my own comments here to help – you can also look at people's comments on the webpage where you record comments for inspiration! (No copying please!)

Gill Kent
Supporters' Secretary

I think this a fantastic proposal. Extending the existing heavily-used Monsal Trail to Rowsley to go through the Haddon estate will mean all types of cyclists, wheelchair and pushchair users will be able to travel from Wye Dale near Buxton to Rowsley, avoiding the dangerous and unpleasant A6. It will spread the traffic and ease the problems on the Monsal Trail, caused by its popularity. Most importantly it is an important step towards the proposed 60 mile loop, making the links to railway stations at Matlock and Buxton. It will allow a significant number of visitors to the Peak District to come by rail link and then cycle, reducing pollution, traffic congestion and promoting the concept of sustainable transport. Visitors who arrive by train and then cycle have been shown to spend more money locally and are more likely to stay overnight in the Peak District and surrounding areas. Creating a 60 mile cycle trail like this will encourage cycle-tourism as it will be relatively easy gradients for inexperienced and leisure cyclists; a perfect weekend trip for a family who will then stay in accommodation locally. It will be a huge boost for the local economy; one example is the fact that Hassops Station now employs 30 local people, albeit some part-timers. Whilst this is a complex project to negotiate, with issues to resolve, overall the massive benefits surely outweigh those concerns, which can be resolved with sufficient will.

Please note comment below by Clyde Hinton.

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Clyde said...

Hugely important that we support this application as there was a significantly hostile presence at this meeting, whipped up by the 'Chair' who made no attempt to conceal her partiality!