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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Stores Road crossing

New road markings denoting cycle route across Stores Road.
The double yellow lines indicate 'No parking' and not the centre of the road.
This is no doubt placed here, because there is a mobile food stall close by
on work days.
Presumably this is part of the Derby City Greenway - Phase 2 project.
Click on this link to show another document. which will explain a lot of what is taking place locally.

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Les Sims said...

This is a link in NCN Regional Route 66 which encircles Derby and is about 26 miles long.
Nice to see that Derby City Council continue to put in some useful improvemnts to our local cycling infrastructure in spite of the current financial limitations.
A full Toucan crossing is extremely expensive, costing many tens of thousands of pounds, and this simple alternative, whilst perhaps not quite so effective, is an acceptable alternative.