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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Derby Rangers Bonfire 2011

Much work went into the preparation  of our bonfire at Mickleover this year.
We had accumulated a large quantity of tree prunings throughout the year and as November 5th approached, further supplies of  combustible materials appeared as if by magic from a variety of sources.
Above we see Mavis taking the Sustrans trailer off to collect another load. Note the regal wave.
Once again we were lucky with the weather, having a nice dry day and evening for the event,
We had placed an advance order for 20 portions of fish, chips and mushy peas to be collected at 7pm from the local chippy.
Eventually all was ready. To the West, the sun disappeared behind the mountains of Etwall, and Peter Ford (using only one match) set light to the pile and in no time it became a healthy blaze. The guy, bearing a close resemblance to a local personage of our acquaintance, soon found his backside ablaze and as his socks melted in the heat, a ranger who shall remain nameless, put him out of his misery by stabbing him through the heart with a wooden stake in the time honoured tradition of Hammer Films.

Alongside we had a reserve pile of rather damp material and decided that it was easier to start a second fire than move this onto the first fire, so we became one of the few local organisations to have twin bonfires. Having spent all our money on fish and chips, we had no pyrotechnics of our own, so it was satisfying to see other people's money going up in smoke in the skies around us.
Both fires burned well, and we all tucked into the delicious fish chips and peas by now having arrived in the gazebo. Only Phil and Mavis, who collected the food, had the pleasure/embarressment of seeing the dismal faces of the people behind them in the chip shop queue, whilst they collected £100 worth of fish and chips.

Thanks to all who helped in various ways to make this a very sucessful and enjoyable evening.
And thankyou, God, for the dry and mild weather, so unusual for November 5th.

Update Sunday morning

Just a couple of piles of ash.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful and very social occasion too. We all kept warm by the two magnificent fires, with very few fish and chips left over to feed the farm cats this morning. Well done to Les and Stephan particularly, to all your hard work during the run up to the bonfire.

BirdyRed said...

Having contributed very little up to my fire raising act (striking one match could not be considered hard labour!) may I thank all those who contributed more substantially to a superb event. You know who you are.

Chief Pyrotechnics Officer
Sustrans (Derby Branch)

BirdyRed said...

The current concern over links between the bonfire at Taunton Rugby Club and the M5 accident confirms that it was the correct decision to go for Risk Assessments and Sustrans Insurance for our bonfire (even if we were not too near any roads or property).