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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rangers Bonfire

This is the guy who started it all.

Last November's bonfire was intended to be a one-off, but we find that we have sufficient combustible material to have another bonfire this year.
So Saturday 5th November it is, at Mickleover Station, formula as 2010, ie Fish and Chip Supper at the fire (cost £5 per person payable in advance) Rangers and family only, no fireworks, fire lit at 6pm  by our trained and authorised arsonists.
If you have any wooden buildings, boats or furniture that we can burn, please let me know.
Mavis and John will be constructing a guy who will no doubt be a facsimile of our favourite local villain.
There will be a working party on site 2pm Friday 4th November to move the materials onto the site.
Please come along if you can.


BirdyRed said...

Our old kitchen is being gutted w/c 31st October so I will contribute the cupboards, base units etc. Can I bring them up to Mickleover as they are removed - there is too much to store or to carry in one car load.

Les Sims said...

Perfect timing there, Mr.Birdy.
Suggest that you liaise with Stefan or me to arrange for unlocking of the gate.