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Sunday, 16 October 2011

East Midlands Rangers Meeting

Next Saturday 22nd October, the Derby Rangers are hosting the quarterly ride and meeting of East Midlands Rangers.
The last meeting was in Grantham on 9th July.
We meet our guests at Derby Railway Station at 11am and ride to Hilton on R54, calling in at Chapel Street car park to pick up any travelling to Derby by car.
We will be at Don Amotts Cafe at about 12.30 - 1pm. After a brief look at the Hilton Greenway, we return to the Flowerpot for the meeting and more drinks/food.
We expect the meeting to be over by about 4pm and will guide our guests back to Derby Railway Station.
All Rangers are welcome to come along and join the party at any point.
Please let me know if you are coming along so that we can ensure adequate supplies of food and drink.


Anonymous said...

|I hope to see you at Don Amotts on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Les, Plan to do the same as Mavis. In Dorset Mon to Friday this week. Phil

JohnS said...

I will join you at The flowerpot. JohnS