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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A trip to London

It has been suggested that I organise a trip to London later this year. A delve into the National Rail website offers a fare of £27 return on a theoretical day of Tuesday 22nd November - involving a train to London leaving Derby after 12 noon and returning at 21:00 from St Pancras. This would reduce for holders of SC cards.
Would this (the cheapest I can find) put prospective walkers/riders off? Would a walk be more popular or a cycle ride. What sort of date range should I go for?  Does anyone have any locations they really want to visit or is the choice up to me?


Martin said...

Is it possible to see anything of the Olympic Site yet? When we passed through Stratford in July they were busing passengers between the Regional and International Stations through part of the Olympic Park, but the Westfield Shopping Centre ( the largest in Europe!) joining the two stations should be open now. I wonder if they are anymore cycle friendly than their branch in Derby.


Les Sims said...

Yes, tours of the site are bookable and FREE.
See http://golondon.about.com/od/london2012olympics/a/Olympic-Park-Tour.htm

David Martin said...

Les, if you want to see the Olympic Park for free then may I suggest you go to Pudding Mill Lane Docklands Light Railway Station, from here you can take a short walk out of the exit and rise up to a viewing point on the Greenway, from there you can see a fair amount of the Olympic Park.

Anonymous said...

Very interested in seeing the Olympic Stadium and yes we can purchase a SRC for £9 each which is very reasonable.