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Friday, 2 September 2011

Derbyshire Biodiversity News

The latest issue of Derbyshire Biodiversity News:


has useful articles on the control of Himalayan Balsam, the biodiversity benefits of Common Ragwort and news that Nick Moyes is sharing the job of Biodiversity Project Officer with Debbie Alston.


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JohnS said...

A good clearance has been done recently on Breadsall Greenway NCN672. The large encroachment at the Station site has been cleared, although the area ouside the Greenway fence still has a large stand of flowering plants and will inevitably encroach again neaxt year. I f we keep an eye on it early on, we should be able to restrict it's spread onto the trail. A smaller patch near the county/city boundary has been eradicated, but early spotting of seedlings next year will pay dividends.